DOUBLE STORM KENNEL guarantees that this puppy has received the proper vaccinations for his age and a shot record will be provided to the buyer. No other infectious diseases or viruses are covered under this guarantee and the buyer accepts this agreement. DOUBLE STORM KENNEL NOT RESPONSIBLE for the associated charges, such as shipping or veterinarian fees, mental stress or low blood sugar. Loose stools or coccidia can develop because of stress and has nothing to do with bad or good breeding. We recommend that a stool sample be taken by buyer’s vet within 72 hours of puppy arriving to his new home. This is to assure that the puppy has no internal intestinal parasites. If such a problem arises, the buyer takes full responsibility to care for the puppy and will not hold breeder accountable in any way. The puppy has been wormed regularly by breeder, so breeder cannot be held accountable for a problem of this nature arising after the puppy is delivered to the buyer. This guarantee does not cover parasites ( internal or external ), coccidiosis, giardia, hypoglycemia, hepatitis, or mites. The Breeder will not be accountable for adverse reactions that may occur because of vaccinations or surgical procedures administered by the buyer’s veterinarian. This guarantee DOES NOT cover injuries caused by a fall or because the puppy was physically harmed in any way. This guarantee DOES NOT cover allergies that the buyer or buyer’s family members may develop to the puppy. DO NOT guarantee any puppy to be a breeder. THE BLUE COAT COLORING IN MOST BREEDS IS ASSOCIATED WITH SKIN PROBLEMS SOME OF WHICH ARE NOT RESPONSIVE TO TREATMENT. BLUE COATED DOGS OF ALL BREEDS ARE MORE PRONE TO BACTERIAL, VIRAL, STAPH AND FUNGAL INFECTIONS AS WELL AS VARIOUS FORMS OF DERMATITIS, ALLERGIES, DEMODEX AND COLOR MUTANT ALOPECIA. WHILE SOME OF THESE CONDITIONS ARE HEREDITARY MANY OF THEM ARE SIMPLY THE RESULT OF THE BLUE COAT COLORING. ALL SKIN PROBLEMS WE KNOW OF ARE EASILY AND INEXPENSIVELY TREATED. NOT ALL BLUE COATED DOGS ARE AFFECTED HOWEVER YOU NEED TO BE PREPARED TO TREAT YOUR DOG IF A SKIN OR COAT CONDITION DEVELOPS. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE AGAINST ANY SKIN OR COAT PROBLEMS. WE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR SKIN AND COAT PROBLEMS THAT ARE COMMON FOR DOGS WITH THE BLUE COLORING. WE HAVE DONE COUNTLESS HOURS OF RESEARCH AND HAD LENGTHY CONVERSATIONS WITH OUR VET. WE SUGGEST YOU ALSO DISCUSS THIS WITH YOUR VET OR RESEARCH THIS ISSUE ONLINE BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO BUY A BLUE COATED DOG OR ONE WITH PARENTS WHO ARE BLUE! MOST BREEDERS WILL NOT TELL YOU THIS – WE THINK YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!! ASK US FOR A LIST OF OTHER BREEDERS THAT CAN VOUCH FOR THIS TOO! This guarantee DOES NOT cover the following minor flaws or any condition that can be corrected by a veterinarian intervention. HERNIAS - OF ANY KIND, TESTICLES - not descending.To qualify for this guarantee, you must have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of your choice within 72 hours of the date of purchase ( starts at shipping time ) If two unassociated vets ( one being our vet if possible ) certifies that the puppy suffers from a life- threatening condition, being not a simple health problem, within 3 DAY of purchase, the puppy can be returned within 72 hours to the Breeder at the buyer’s expense. The Breeder will offer the buyer a replacement puppy, as soon as one is available. There are no cash refunds. Failure to comply with said time deadlines forfeit’s the guarantee. When it comes to shipping your puppy to you, the Breeder is in no way responsible for the death or injury or loss of puppy during transport to you. The buyer will need to settle with the airlines or ground transport company. We will furnish insurance during a flight for loss or death due to injury. Once you have signed for the puppy at the airport’s pickup point, you have released the airline of doing any harm to the puppy. After you read, understand, and accept all aspects of this guarantee agreement, the buyer has agreed to the above terms by signing below. SIGNATURE BUYER:_________________________ADDRESS_______________________________________SEX_______COLOR_____________DOB____________
SIRE__________________________DAM:____________________________REG. #_____________________DATE ____________________